Online Family Tree

Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Cook

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Cook

Cook, Cooke, Newcomb,
Fergerstrom, Peters Family Tree

Click here to see the extended family tree which I keep on, where you can download the
GEDCOM file to import into your own genealogy software.

Most current information is kept in the online family tree and GEDCOM database

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BEYOND ORGANIZERS’ CONTROL. APOLOGIES TO THE ‘OHANANā ‘Ohana Poupou a me Ka‘iwimawaho family crest

We have a reunion!

Cousin Ann Fergerstrom just announced we have a reunion booked for Hilo on June 29 to July 1, 2018! Details on Facebook:

I already RSVP via Facebook. You can post your intention there. More info to come on the Facebook page, and I’ll repost here, as I get the information.


Blaine Fergerstrom

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Reunion Posponed Another Year

June 24, 2016

Hi everybody!

Just came from trying to get Wailoa State Park for next year – and as things have it they are closing the park down for renovation the entire 2016.

And the County facilities (Aunty Sally’s Luau Hale) is also booked.

We checked on some of the church halls, and those run $400 per night …. a bit rich for our pocketbooks.

So, it seems we have to postpone another year …

Ann Fergerstrom

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2016 Cook Family Reunion Survey

Aloha Cook Ohana!

I am Kaelene Foo and would like to ask for your assistance in planning our next family reunion. Please take the time to fill out my survey and return it to me no later than July 31, 2015.

We would also like to thank the past coordinators, Aunty Sylvia Akiona, sisters Ann Fergerstrom and Fay Lindsey for all their hard work and aloha. I look forward in following their footsteps and make this upcoming reunion a fun and memorable event.

Once we get the majority of the surveys in, I will start working on setting up dates, agenda, and locations. I will also work on seeing if I can set up some kind of fundraising events to offset some costs (food, lodging, airfare, prizes, etc.).

We hope to see all your shiny, smiley faces at the Cook Ohana Reunion in 2016!

If anyone is willing to volunteer to help, it would be appreciated! I’m looking for folks to help with the following:

  • Registration
  • Location logistics
  • Fundraising events

I am more than willing to meet with anyone who is willing to help and assist. Your efforts will not be unrewarded!

Mahalo and see you folks there!

Kaelene Foo

Cook Family Reunion
Summer of 2016 Planning Survey

[breezingforms name=”Cook2016Survey”]

Mahalo for your time. Please feel free to put down anything you feel that we need to address for the reunion. If you know anyone who is interested in attending and don’t have a computer, please have them contact me and I will mail a survey out to them.

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2011 Family Reunion

2011 Family Reunion is set for July 8 and 9, 2011 in Hilo!

Flier #3 and Registration Form was sent out via email and USPS April 12, 2011.       If you have not received the notices, please contact us as soon as possible at  

Payments are due May 31, 2011!

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2011 Reunion Update

Aloha all!
Flier #2 is attached below.  We are still trying to get contact information for our family members. Also attached is a list of family members that WE DO HAVE contact information on. PLEASE encourage all to get their contact information in to us, either e-mail or USPS address!
Ann Fergerstrom
Fay Lindsey
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2011 Reunion is ON!

From: Ann Fergerstrom
Subject: 2011 Cook Family Reunion
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 12:18:31 -1000
We have found a place for the reunion!  We were able to obtain Wailoa State Park Large Pavilion for our reunion.
Please save the dates:  Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9, 2011.
We can now begin to really plan and will keep you all posted as things progress.  In the mean time – SAVE THE DATE!
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Cook Family Reunion 2011

Aloha !

It has been 3 years since our last reunion… how quickly time goes!

We are sending out this survey to see how many of you would be interested in attending a reunion next year 2011.

If so, please send a reply and let us know which month (June or July) would be better for you and your family.

Because of the limited number of places available in Hilo, we have to reserve spaces one year in advance…. that means if we have enogh people interested in a reunion in 2011 we need to begin all the reservations and preparations this coming summer.


  • YES   ______
  • NO  _______
  • JUNE 2011 __________
  • JULY 2011 __________

Please respond to We look forward to hearing from you all!

Ann Fergerstrom
Fay Lindsey

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